Overwatch's New Character Gets Her First Nerf

Overwatch’s next hero, Orisa, has been nerfed for the first time ahead of a full release.

Orisa’s Fusion Driver weapon has had its magazine size lowered from 200 to 150, and her Supercharger ultimate ability – which deploys a device to increase the team’s damage output – has had its cost increased by 15 percent.

Of course, this kind of change is precisely why new Overwatch features are added to the Public Test Realm servers before release, as it gives Blizzard a much broader pool of results to work with. It’s entirely possible that Orisa will return to her original state, or an entirely new one, when she hits the main game on all platforms.

Orisa isn’t the only hero getting a nerf in the next phase of public testing. Ana’s Biotic Rifle has had its damage reduced from 80 to 60, and, likewise, her Biotic Grenade has seen its impact damage reduced from 80 to 60, as well as its impact healing reduced from 100 to 50.

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Source: IGN