Mothergunship Is Intense, First-Person, Bullet Hell Madness

First-person shooters and bullet hells aren’t a common pairing, and that’s a shame — the result can be complete, overwhelming madness, and I mean that in the best way possible. If you’ve played Devil Daggers or even Tower of Guns (the first game from Terrible Posture Games), you know what I mean.

There’s a certain, frantic joy in strafing around an arena while juggling a few dozen threats at the center of your crosshairs. That kind of fast-paced chaos is exactly what Terrible Posture’s latest endeavor, Mothergunship, seems to be going for, and based on my brief hands-on demo the result is something pretty special.

Mothergunship is one of those shooters that demands constant movement — and those are some of the best kind, when pulled off right. I spent most of my demo frantically strafing and hopping around its massive spaceship setting’s huge, metallic rooms – partially to dodge its many dangers as I blasted my way to the next procedurally generated arena, but also because it felt pretty good.

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Source: IGN