Cross-Platform Play Is Way Harder Than You Might Think

I’ll never forget when I was a bright-eyed young gamer and home consoles were starting to boast online play. I loved the idea of sitting at home on the couch and playing with my friends a few suburbs over.

I’d always been a PC gamer, but this new wave of consoles intrigued me enough to buy one. Of course, I had to decide if I wanted a PS2 or an Xbox. The deciding factor came down to what my friends had, and what games we could play together. The going was tough, and it was a pretty harrowing choice, but I ended up with a PlayStation 2, and that decision cemented my loyalty to Sony to this day.

For generations now, gamers have been defining themselves by console choice; the PlayStation and Xbox camps gnashing their teeth while PC gamers sit back and watch with an air of superiority. And that’s without mentioning the Nintendo fans – jumping up and down with renewed vigour because the Switch might let them compete in the third party scene again… We’ll see.

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Source: IGN