News: Ghostbusters VR game launches on PS VR

Ghostbusters VR

Out of nowhere a Ghostbusters VR experience has launched on the PlayStation Store from Sony and CreateVR, best-known for its The Walk VR demo.

The $6.99 download (not yet listed in the UK) gives PS VR owners the chance to enter the Ghostbusters’ firehouse, meet iconic characters and fire a proton pack.

“Your adventure begins outside the firehouse in the streets of New York where Mooglie volunteers to be your guide,” reads the blurb. “As you enter the firehouse, you’ll have the chance to explore Ecto-1, assemble and fire a proton pack, check out the basement where the Ghost Containment Unit lies, play with Slimer and much more! Don’t leave any stone unturned as ghostly surprises await your discovery.”

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Source: Video Gamer