Has Been Heroes Review

So a warrior, a monk, and a rogue walk onto a battlefield and then… they die. A lot. And then they have to start all over. That’s been the punchline of so many of my attempts with Has Been Heroes, and while I may have laughed a couple of times in my first few hours and enjoyed some of the good ideas put forth, my goodwill has become a has-been itself. It’s bruised my admiration of the otherwise-appealing premise of this roguelike lane-brawler to the point that right now I’m content to let these heroes remain the has-beens the title says they are.

We get to hear relatively little about that. Story is hardly a strong point in Has Been Heroes, and it’s chiefly limited to a handful of cutscenes with cartoony illustrations in which we hear about how the titular heroes used to be great warriors who slew dragons and giant spiders and performed other feats of derring do. Now, though, decades after their prime, the best they can hope for is escorting two princesses to school.

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Source: IGN