Preview: Survive the day after the day after the day after tomorrow in Impact Winter

Impact Winter screenshots

You know that film The Day After Tomorrow? Where everything freezes and is covered by snow and ice in a superstorm? To the point that the snow reaches the roofs of buildings? And Jake Gyllenhaal is hiding out in a library with other survivors? It’s coming out as a survival game, except it’s not affiliated with the film, and you survive in a church not a library. And Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t in it.

You do play a Jake, though. Impact Winter’s protagonist is called Jacob Solomon. In the aftermath of an asteroid strike on the earth everyone is doing the usual in the aftermath of a natural disaster i.e. waiting despondently either to die, or for the protagonist to arrive. Luckily for the inhabitants of it, Jacob stumbles on a shelter-worthy church in the middle of nowhere. He installs himself as the de facto leader. The inhabitants can thus busy themselves doing what Jacob tells them.

The goal in Impact Winter is to survive for the next 30 days, at which point help will (presumably) arrive. The addition of your fellow survivors means that Impact Winter kind of has a weird RPG flavour, as three of them offer you different specialised routes for survival. The science guy can help reduce the rescue timer, the grizzled survivalist will make it easier to get resources and hunt in the cold, and the mechanic can improve the church and build useful stuff more complicated than traps and tents. There’s also an old lady who cooks food from the dead rats and tinned peaches you bring her.

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Source: Video Gamer