Rocket League Dev on Game's Growth, Future Plans

One of the biggest challenges facing Rocket League developer Psyonix, according to the studio’s Vice President Jeremy Dunham, is keeping up with the pace of the game’s rapid growth.

“It’s sort of a race, to grow the company at a rate somewhat comparable to how fast the game is growing,” Dunham said while speaking to IGN about the game past success and future, including its potential for coming to the Nintendo Switch.

“It’s been both flattering and a whole bunch of work because every time we think we’ve hit some sort of plateau or maybe the game is settling down, our community shows us, no, it’s not even close yet,” he explained. According to Dunham, Rocket League set records for both the most games played and most players in a single month in December 2016. That most players in a month record was then broken in January — then again in February.

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Source: IGN