Diablo 3 and the Glorious Return of the Necromancer

“There’s a certain appeal for a lot of people in playing the anti-hero,” says Diablo III Lead VFX Artist Julian Love. “And that’s what the Necromancer represents, the darkest of the classes in that world, but one that is also doing good everywhere they go. There’s a kind of juxtaposition between good and evil, and from there a grey line where the Necromancer lives.” The Necromancer is a Diablo II icon, and now, five years after initial release and three years since the excellent Reaper of Souls expansion, it’s coming to Diablo III.

Why now? Why not. After all, Blizzard is still supporting Diablo III with new content and regular updates. Even so, a new character class is a big deal. It requires not only the creation of a new and deep subset of skill and items, but also game design that plays nicely with everything else already in the game. Years of wonderful, and inventive stuff. The Necromancer actually comes to us from the same creative and experimental side of the Diablo team that also brought us some of the crazier things in the game, like the set bonus that activates a high powered meteor shower spell every eight seconds for each and every type of elemental skill you use.

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Source: IGN