News: Nintendo taking inspiration from Steam and iOS App Store for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch shot

Steamworld Dig 2 developer Image & Form spoke to MCV about how Nintendo is looking to copy Valve’s method of publishing video games on Steam when it comes to Nintendo Switch.

‘Publishing for Nintendo consoles has been, in the past, not a nightmare, but pretty close,’ said Image & Form community manager Julius Guldbog before adding ‘They make sure every QA gate is good enough. It takes months, and you have to do that for every region, and if you fail, it takes even longer. You have to get a new slot, and release dates are pushed back.’

Guldbog describes publishing on the Switch as a time saver because there’s just the one version, and one launch for the entire world rather than separate versions for each territory. The Steamworld Dig developer explained how it’s a much more streamlined process than it was before, and indies are being treated somewhat differently. 

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Source: Video Gamer