State of Decay 2 to Have 3 Maps, Each the Size of First Game

Undead Labs has revealed that the survival horror sequel State of Decay 2 will launch with three maps, each around the same size as the map from the original game.

In a blog post, community director Sanya Weathers explained that each map will feature different landmarks, layouts, and environments.  These will play into varying strategies and mission types that compliment the area.

“It really feels like you’re moving from one small town to another,” Weathers says, “and creates a tremendous sense of immersion. And perhaps counter-intuitively, it makes the world feel even bigger. You know how on one map (even one three times the size as the original game’s) the longer you play, the more you start feeling deju vu with every mission? That’s less of an issue with separate maps.”

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Source: IGN