News: The Mass Effect: Andromeda patch updated the anti-piracy protection

Mass Effect Andromeda screenshots 1

It was reported last week that Mass Effect: Andromeda’s anti-tamper security from Denuvo had been cracked in just ten days. According to DSOG, however, Andromeda had shipped with an older version of Denuvo, and one which had been cracked previously. 

Andromeda received a talked-up patch last Thursday. 1.05 fixed some technical bugs, as well as improving the widely-mocked facial animations, and tweaking eye shaders (which made a surprisingly huge difference). 

It also, very quietly, updated the Denuvo protection to the latest and greatest model. This means that anyone who didn’t acquire their copy of Andromeda legitimately is going to be stuck with the pre-patch vanilla version. As in, the one with all the janky animations.

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Source: Video Gamer