The Sexy Brutale Review

As curses forcing you to spend eternity looping through a single day go, The Sexy Brutale’s intriguing murder mystery set in a beautiful gothic mansion is a darkly fun one. Lafcadio Boone awakens in a mansion where guests are being murdered over and over in an endless, single-day loop, and only he can relive the day and prevent the killings. Figuring out just how to use that time cycle in conjunction with a smart investigation gameplay mechanic becomes its own engrossing loop, from the first gruesome murder to the last.

The intriguing mysteries of Boone’s situation, his basic mission, and the ability to rewind the clock are laid out early. Revelations about the mansion and the reason for the murders don’t come until later on in the seven-hour story, but the intriguing vignettes in which the plot unfolds were more than enough to keep me engaged. Especially when that twisted and surprising ending delivers on the weird world of the Sexy Brutale.

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Source: IGN