The Signal From Tölva Review

The Signal From Tölva gives you more robots than you’ll know what to do with. This story-based shooter drops you onto a planet full of robots clashing with other robots… who are clashing with still more robots, all of whom are looking for the source of a strange signal. There is a mystery to solve and some interesting AI systems to manipulate in the 10 hours you’ll spend playing, but there’s a lot of slow-paced walking time to get to the good stuff.

Your character is sort of a mystery itself. An outside organization, who you only hear about through a dispatcher named The Broker, has sent you to infiltrate the Surveyors, a robot faction who is probing the planet Tölva for secrets. This allows you to commandeer robot drones on the planet’s surface, effectively warping around in a vast computer network. It’s a smart way to subtly implement an in-universe respawn and fast-travel system, and you can use it to cut down on some of the walking.

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Source: IGN