Voodoo Vince Remastered Review

There’s a wonderful scene toward the start of Voodoo Vince where our hero, a raggedy voodoo doll newly brought to life through magic, grabs a trumpet and shades and ambles up to a skeleton jazzman with a trumpet of his own. Much like this remastered version bridging the 14-year gap since Vince’s first appearance on the original Xbox, it’s a meeting of the old and new, and it works well. For a few wonderful seconds the pair slips into a jazz duet that’s so dang cool I half forgot I was playing a game, and that moment is what’s stuck with me several hours later. That’s the remastered version of Voodoo Vince for you. This might be a fairly by-the-numbers platformer, but its unique personality makes it tough to get out of your head.

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Source: IGN