A Look Back at the First Year of Overwatch

Looking at the sheer force that is Blizzard’s Overwatch, it can feel a little strange to realise that it’s only been out for a year. Thanks to an all-round open-arm embrace by the public at large, a universe that has extended its reach to animated shorts and comics, the continued support and community-driven focus of Blizzard, and the exciting competitive side seen in seasonal play and the first Overwatch World Cup — for many people out there, a world without Overwatch would be hard to imagine.

It’s also worth mentioning that while we’re officially a year in, this was a game that had a full head of steam well before release. Overwatch hit the ground running the moment it was announced. “Come release time, honestly, to me it kind of felt that we were out already,” Overwatch Principal Designer, Geoff Goodman confesses. “Even at that point we had being seeing cosplay and the public had embraced a lot of what had been shown.”

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Source: IGN