Preview: Star Trek: Bridge Crew Preview – VR in space

Star Trek: Bridge Crew screenshots

In a room that mimicked the layout of the USS Aegis, I turned to my most knowledgeable crewmate — one of the devs — and asked if my lack of Stak Trek knowledge would be detrimental during our hands-on session with Star Trek: Bridge Crew. He assured me it wouldn’t, because the game had been crafted to serve those who mix up their Picards with their Palpatines, just as much as lifelong fans. Honestly, while the Star Trek tie-in will be a selling point, this could be any Space-based game, really. 

Bridge Crew is all about communicating well enough with your squad that your gravity-defying vessel doesn’t end up as history’s most technically advanced coffin. You have to scan anomalies, shoot down enemy fleets,and steer the ship away from impending danger, all while wearing a VR headset and holding two controllers.

And like all good virtual reality affairs, the aim is to, first and foremost, make you feel like you’re inside the the Star Trek universe, and it does that superbly. Even as someone who’s never been taken by the media juggernaut, I can appreciate the care taken with the interiors of both the new USS Aegis, and the original Starship Enterprise. Every button, lever, and screen feels like it’s been placed with meticulous precision in order to make you, and your final frontiering buddies, feel part of it all. 

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Source: Video Gamer