News: Sonic Forces 2D gameplay shown off with classic Green Hill Zone stage

Sonic Forces Green Hill Zone

Last month we got a look at the 3D sections of Sonic Forces as the game was shown off at SXSW. Sega has now released a gameplay video giving fans a glimpse of what Sonic The Hedgehog will look like when in his more familiar, flatter role as a 2D platformer in the upcoming game.

Sonic Forces follows a similar pattern to Sonic Generations as it will feature both 3D and 2D stages but the ratio is, as of yet, unknown. Those looking to feel love again can check out the gameplay video below that looks, as you would expect, like a modernised version of the iconic level from 1991.

While Sonic Mania looks to appease fans of The Hedgehog’s Mega Drive era slate of titles, Sonic Forces will try and cater to those who stopped with Sonic & Knuckles, and the many who persist with the arguement that Sonic Adventure was a good game. Sonic Generations was able to marry the two more admirably than most of the Blue Blur’s catalogue, so hopefully Sonic Forces will do the same.

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Source: Video Gamer