Feature: GTA V RP is the hottest thing on Twitch right now


RPing – or roleplaying as it’s known to us plebs – is nothing new on Twitch. It’s nothing new in the world of video games in fact, and as long as you have an open-world, mod support (that’s optional, but it helps), a hell of a lot of freedom and an online component, there’s a good chance that there’s people out there turning stale video game worlds into brand new immersive experiences. The world of RP has been taken to a whole new level in 2017, though, with the emergence of a Grand Theft Auto V RP mod, FiveRP, that’s taking the world by storm, making the game relevant again on Twitch, and pulling in thousands upon thousands of viewers each and every day.

The concept of RP is simple: take an online world, make yourself a character, give yourself a background, and then jump into the world and let the stories commence. In FiveRP there’s plenty of stuff for people to do, whether that’s driving cabs for money – picking up other RPers who need a ride – driving cargo around Los Santos, doing illegal drug runs and more. Players can earn money to buy cars, properties or whatever through any means they deem necessary. They’re limited only by their imaginations. 

It’s the characters in these worlds – GTA 5 RPs especially – that make them so fascinating, and the stories that unfold in front of your eyes are all engrossing, to say the least. I’ve become addicted to these stories on Twitch recently, and seemingly, looking at the number of people watching it on Twitch every night, so has a significant portion of the internet.

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Source: Video Gamer