News: PlayStation 4 outpacing PlayStation 2 as Sony announces 60 million units shipped

Playstation 4

Sony has reached their target of shipping 60 million PS4s. In the last fiscal year, ending March 31, 20 million PlayStation 4 consoles were shipped, their recently released earnings report detailed.

In the twelve months previous, the number was 17.7 million units shipped, making this the best year yet for Sony and PlayStation 4. The games division is also Sony’s best performing area, with a 52.9 percent profit increase, and sales up 6.3 percent.

Projections for the next year are a tad more reserved as the company is predicting to ship 18 million consoles. Although, by that time, the hardware will have been out for close to five years, which is a decent chunk in a console’s lifespan. Currently, PlayStation 4 is doing slightly better than the PlayStation 2 was at the same point — a console that went onto shift over 150 million units. Whether they’ll be able to match those numbers will remain to be seen as PS2 was on the market for over ten years.

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Source: Video Gamer