Prey for the Gods Gets New Name Following Bethesda Dispute

UPDATE: A Bethesda representative provided the following statement to IGN regarding the name change:

“We really didn’t have much of a choice. If we don’t oppose the mark, we risk losing our Prey trademark and that isn’t acceptable. Unfortunately, that’s how trademark law works.”

Original story follows:

The upcoming Shadow of the Colossus-inspired survival game Prey for the Gods has changed its name to Praey for the Gods following a trademark dispute with Bethesda, according to the developer.

Developer No Matter Studios revealed in a recent newsletter that, after some consideration, it decided it “had” to change the game’s name, as shortly after applying for trademarks for Prey for the Gods, Bethesda parent company Zenimax allegedly chose to oppose No Matter Studios’ mark. According to No Matter, Zenimax believes the original title is too similar to its trademark for Prey, which it acquired from Id Software in 2009.

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Source: IGN