Exo One Is a Sci-Fi Cocktail of Journey, Tiny Wings, and Marble Madness

Adelaide-based Exbleative has revealed its new sci-fi, momentum-based exploration game: Exo One. The game has been announced alongside a modest Kickstarter campaign to help finish it.

Exo One will outline the story of humanity’s first (and apparently ill-fated) mission outside of the solar system. Players will helm a bizarre, spherical alien vehicle that can roll at high speeds across the alien landscapes, manipulate gravity to gain extra momentum on downslopes, and squish into a disc shape to soar up into the clouds.

Developer Jay Weston notes the game has already been described by some as a cross between Journey and 2001: A Space Odyssey. After a hands-on with the first two planets it seems like a fairly sound assessment.

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Source: IGN