Feature: The Indie Games Weirdspo and Revue: April 2017

indie games April 2017

April has ended. March is upon us. How quickly does a quarter of a year dissolve in our hands? We’ve been upsettingly busy getting settled into our new offices, so we haven’t had as much time to explore the weird corners of games as we might have liked. And yet, here we are, with some more recommendations for you. 

The Sexy Brutale

This game is aces. It’s kind of like an Agatha Christie murder mystery but made a bit weirder and sexier (although to be honest in about half the Christie mysteries sex factors into the motive somewhere). So, in true murder mystery style you play as a priest, and are trapped in a mansion repeating the same 12 hours over and over again, as the other guests are continually murdered. Each time you work out how to save one of them you can progress a bit further. 

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Source: Video Gamer