News: Not the promise of Zelda: talking to an expert about The Legend of Zelda escape the room game

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A little while ago it was announced that an escape the room game based on The Legend of Zelda, licensed by Ninty and everything, was touring North America and, eventually, Europe. People were excited. But previews and reviews are now coming in, and Defenders of the Triforce doesn’t seem to be quite the experience people were expecting. 

To talk about the game, as well as how video games can transfer to escape games, and what escape games can learn from Zelda, I sat down with Dean Rodgers. Dean is a writer, producer and a director who works in immersive entertainment. He creates a lot of escape the room games, including the Crystal Maze live experience and working on that Resident Evil VII haunted house:

Dean is also a personal friend, although I use that term in the loosest way possible. I met Dean through playing Dungeons & Dragons and have frequently complained about him on this website. I know Dean as that friend who should not be trusted with a glass of red wine in your home unless you want red wine-coloured furnishings. Dean was once approximately an hour and a half late for a lunch because he was ‘Having a cup of tea.’ He suggested ’11-ish’ for this interview, so I prepared for him arriving at 11.30, which is what happened. Things like this mean I often forget Dean is in fact very good at his job (something I, out loud, expressed surprise at during this interview, a part I have not transcribed. You can hear it if you become a VGBG).

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