News: Tom Brady is Madden NFL 18’s cover star

Tom Brady Madden 18

New England Patriots’ Tom Brady won a fifth Super Bowl earlier this year, and can now add the accolade of oldest American Footballer on the cover of a Madden game to his massive list of achievements, ESPN has reported. 

On the topic of the Madden curse that’s seen many players appear on the cover, only to be hit with injury soon after, Brady said ‘I suppose there’s been some reality to that curse over the years. Hopefully I can break it. That would be pretty cool.’

Since 1998 when Garrison Hearst was highlighted on the game’s sleeve and broke his ankle shortly afterward, a myriad of athletes have been struck by the so-called curse. It started out as this weird joke that has actually now made some superstitious fans campaign against their star players being the featured guy on the cover.

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Source: Video Gamer