The Surge Review

Billing itself as a “Hardcore Action RPG,” developer Deck 13 assimilates the difficult and labyrinthine style of games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls, and adds its own unique flavor to deliver a challenging and fun – though a bit disjointed – sci-fi survival adventure.

You’ll spend the lengthy campaign in an exo-suit exploring a series of locations that check all the trademark boxes of a near-future industrial zone. Some of these environments clearly adhere to the Big Industrial Facility Rulebook, in that all maintenance shafts must look alike, but the majority of each area has its own unique style and a creative layout for its circuitous pathways. The vibrant color palette provides an interesting contrast to the horror of the events taking place within, and despite a few late-game jitters both the areas and action looks great on PC and really good on PS4 or Xbox One.

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Source: IGN