This is the Invisible Studio That Works on Your Favorite Games

You remember it – slo-mo bullets, long takes, Kanye West’s single du jour. The CG ‘Power’ trailer for 2011’s Saints Row The Third was a stylish commentary of the game as a guilty pleasure, a reminder that the series was meant to be anarchic fun. It was just one of many high profile projects by Plastic Wax, a VFX and animation studio that has dominated CG sequences in AAA video games for over a decade yet has remained largely out of the public eye.

Plastic Wax is based in Sydney, Australia, and identifies as a boutique business; small, family-run, laser-eye-focused on ‘getting the job done.’ Yet its resume includes the likes of BioShock, Darksiders, Saints Row, Borderlands, Gears of War, the Lego video games, and Injustice – you know, the sort of thing to write home about. So why do so few know its name?

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Source: IGN