World of Warcraft Gold Can Be Used to Buy Destiny 2

Activision has announced that Destiny 2 will be available on PC exclusively from the Blizzard Launcher, which likely means you’ll be able to buy it using World of Warcraft Tokens.

Back in February, the rules were changed on WoW Tokens, which could only previously be redeemed using in-game gold for extra subscription time. Now they can be used in exchange for Blizzard Launcher (formerly the app) credit.

According to Kotaku, the price of WoW Tokens has spiked since the reveal of Destiny 2 and the announcement that it would be available through Blizzard’s store on PC. Currently, people are using any in-game gold they don’t need to buy things like Hearthstone card packs and Overwatch loot boxes.

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Source: IGN