Endless Space 2 Review

I first realized Endless Space 2 would be a game I’d enjoy upon discovering that one of its main factions is a race of treants called the Unfallen. They approach the grand 4X strategy adventure of exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating by spreading peace and harmony throughout the galaxy. It’s essentially the March of the Ents on a galactic scale, complete with featherweight philosophical talk in quest popups about fire being a force that both creates and destroys. Other turn-based 4X games might leave establishing faction personality at that, but Endless Space 2 goes even deeper, setting the Unfallen apart from their competition by giving them their own expansion technique that relies on spreading vines from system to system and connecting the whole endeavor to a central heart. That’s but a taste of what makes Endless Space 2 one of the most aesthetically appealing 4X games to come out during the recent revival.

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Source: IGN