40 Facts You (Probably) Didn't Know About Star Wars

Forty years ago, the movie landscape changed forever with the release of Star Wars: A New Hope — back then, simply known as “Star Wars.” Since then, the movie’s effects on popular culture continue to reverberate the world over, and with new Star Wars films scheduled through 2020, there’s no sign this series is going away anytime soon.

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the seminal 1977 blockbuster that changed everything, we’ve compiled 40 facts about the film series you might not know. With eight films (not counting the Ewok made-for-tv movies), there are tons of details about the series that remain obscure tidbits of trivia. Then again, Star Wars is so beloved, researched, and obsessed over that maybe you do know all these things. If that’s the case, hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them again.

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Source: IGN