Far Cry 5 Will Almost Certainly Be Divisive

Far Cry 5 is almost certainly going to get talked about by the mainstream news media. Whether that idea excites you, annoys you, or something else is up to you. But Far Cry is going places that no big-budget, AAA-level game has gone in recent times, if ever.

You play a sheriff’s deputy caught up in a war between the US Marshal Service and Hope County’s resident cult leader, Joseph – a man who believes he’s been chosen to protect his followers from a government collapse he believes to be imminent – and his family: brothers Jacob and John and their half-sister, Faith. You won’t be alone, of course. Joining you in the battle for Hope County’s soul are potential allies like Pastor Jerome, whose church has come under fire by Joseph’s group; Mary May, whose father was killed by the cult; and Nick Rye, a pilot and soon-to-be father who wants to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, who both fought for the US.

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Source: IGN