Star Trek: Bridge Crew Review

Stepping onto the bridge of the USS Aegis in Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a dream come true for a lot of Trek fans. It lets you experience the fantasy of manning a Federation starship with three of your friends (or solo, awkwardly), and like most multiplayer VR games it’s hilarious to mess around with as you learn how things work. But by the time I gained beyond a cadet’s level of understanding of its systems, it became clear that there’s virtually no depth to this simulation.

The attention to detail on the two bridge sets is great, from the captain’s chair to the consoles and the viewscreen. Some liberties are taken with the Aegis’ control panels to make them more video game-friendly than what we see in the modern Trek movies, but the Original Series Enterprise bridge is impressively accurate. I wish I could get up and wander around the bridge – or the entire ship, really – and take it all in, but you’re unfortunately glued to your seat in one of the four positions.

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Source: IGN