Gears of War 4: Rise of the Horde Update Detailed

Gears of War 4 developer The Coalition has detailed Rise of the Horde, the next major update coming to its third-person shooter.

According to the studio’s announcement on Xbox Wire, Rise of the Horde will be available as a free update on June 6, bringing with it fifteen new Horde Skills, three for each of Gears of War 4’s character classes.

A new ability called Cloak will be available for the Scout class, allowing players to turn invisible. Magic Bullet is a new skill coming to Snipers, which increases the damage bonus rewards for landing a headshot. Meanwhile, the new Berserker and Last Stand skills for Heavies will give you the ability to deal and withstand more damage with Heavy Weapons when low on health. Several other new skills, including ones for Soldiers and Engineers are also on the way, all of which are detailed here.

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Source: IGN