New Action RPG The Swords of Ditto Announced

Ahead of its appearance at E3 Devolver Digital has unveiled a new action RPG with Roguelike elements set for release in 2018, The Swords of Ditto.

The single player or co-op RPG will come to PlayStation 4 and PC early next year in which players will fight to take down the evil Mormo, venturing out on “a unique adventure” with a new hero each time they play.

Developed by Onebitbeyond, Swords will log every new hero’s adventure that a player journeys on, and whatever progress is made in that outing will influence the next. Say, for example, the player stops Mormo, then the next time around the Island of Ditto will be a more joyful place. Players can recover loot and weapons from previous adventures.

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Source: IGN