News: Destiny 2 will have these cool things called “Lost Sectors”

Destiny 2 Teaser

I’ll admit my experience with the original Destiny pales in comparison to many of its avid fanbase, but there was one thing that annoyed me about it – one thing that annoys me in general about some video games – and that’s dead ends with no rewards. Find a cool little nook, nothing in it. Oh my, look at that cranny over there, nowt in it! It’s like getting a lump of coal in an empty laptop box for Christmas. Thanks, mum!

Destiny 2 is looking to break that trend from the original though, rewarding those who choose to venture into the darkest depth of every cave with a plethora of secrets galore. This come in the form of what Mark Noseworthy, Destiny 2’s Project Lead, is calling “Lost Sectors.”

Talking to our sister site, PlayStationTrophies, Noseworthy said, “Lost Sectors are like mini dungeons that are hidden in the world. If there’s a door somewhere and looks like there might be something behind it, then there probably is. At the end of that spot behind the door, there’s a boss with a key, guarding a cache of treasure. There are dozens of these hidden across the destinations.” 

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Source: Video Gamer