Will Fortnite Be the Game Minecraft Players Graduate To?

The end of the world is at hand in the free-to-play survival game Fortnite, or least it is whenever I want it to be. For now, I’m content to let it wait. I’ve spent the last hour hacking at rocks, trees, and the occasional file cabinet with a pickaxe, because right now I’m more interested in building a building-sized replica of a Minecraft creeper than staving off the apocalypse. It’s not entirely for show; I’ve also reinforced the bottom walls with wall-darts, spike traps, and gizmos on ceilings that zap anything that walks beneath. You see, all I need to do is press a button to make a horde of zombies rush my creeper, and for around five minutes they’ll try to smash down its walls and destroy the storm shield keeping our little compound safe from within.

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Source: IGN