Preview: FIFA 18 Preview: What’s old is new again

FIFA 18 E3 screenshots

The expected technological advancements in new sports games are always exciting, but one of my favourite things every year is how developers almost comically destroy their game from twelve months prior. I get what they’re doing, of course. They have a new game to sell, and want to push it as something far greater than last year’s entry. That’s fair. Honestly, though, if I wasn’t told I was playing FIFA 18 during the preview event I was at last week, I may have wondered why a room full of PlayStation 4s had been set up with a game from 2016.

In the presentation given by developer EA Canada, we were told that one of the biggest changes in FIFA 18 was the Motion Technology System. In FIFA 17 every step the players took was a single animation, but in FIFA 18 every step is a frame, making player movement look more fluid than it has before. The examples definitely did highlight the more realistic movement of players, especially when changing direction mid-run, but in practice, it was difficult to tell the difference between new FIFA and old FIFA in my time with it.

On the topic of movement, players are now said to have more ‘personality’ in their running style. In last year’s edition Peter Crouch and Xherdan Shaqiri would’ve plodded along in similar fashion, but a some new animations for FIFA 18 should ensure that those at home should now notice a difference between those on the pitch. They demoed this with Barcelona teammates Gerard Pique and Lionel Messi running side-by-side. Shakira’s husband took longer, larger steps, while little Lio planted his feet in the ground more swiftly, and more often. EA Canada has taken into account how stocky, tall, or whatnot a player is, meaning they should look more varied when making bursting runs in the final game.

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Source: Video Gamer