A Way Out May Be the Gutsiest Game of E3

2005’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is one of my favorite games ever, in large part because of its unique and completely separate two-player co-op mode, which forced you and a friend to work together as stealthy spies as you infiltrated, espionaged, and choked out bad guys. I’d always hoped that Ubisoft would spin that mode out into its own fully fleshed-out game, but alas it never happened.

A dozen years later, A Way Out looks set to run with Chaos Theory co-op’s groundbreaking — and gutsy — idea. Rather than spy story, however, A Way Out is a prison-escape action-adventure set in the 1970s that requires two players, either via split-screen couch co-op or online play. It’s being helmed by Joseph Fares, the Swedish film director who made his name in the gaming world with 2013’s fantastic and emotional Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which could be played solo but forced you to control both brothers at once. So yes, you cannot play A Way Out by yourself.

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Source: IGN