Star Wars Battlefront 2's Campaign Is on the Right Track

Titanfall, Evolve, Destiny, Star Wars Battlefront — all major first-person shooters released early in the current console generation, and all of them either lacking a memorable single-player campaign or lacking a campaign at all. With today’s hands-on of Star Wars Battlefront 2’s new single-player story mode in the books, it’s now safe to say that of those FPS franchises left standing, all have exhibited the potential to make those campaign-free days a distant memory (and in Titanfall’s case, they’ve already proven it).

I played a brief slice of a campaign mission from Battlefront 2 as Imperial Inferno Squad commander Iden Versio. While I wouldn’t call the solo mode the opposite of Battlefront 2’s hectic, frantic, die-and-respawn large-scale multiplayer modes, it’s definitely a change of pace. I’d call it complementary. It feels much more in the vein of a traditional FPS campaign: quieter (though with plenty of explosions, I assure you), more linear, and with a heaping helping of cutscenes.

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Source: IGN