News: Mark Cerny talks a little about PlayStation 4 Pro, Death Stranding, Spider-Man, 4K gaming and more

Spider-Man PS4 Pro

Amongst the slow trickle of their videos early this morning, Sony released a new video with none other than Mark Cerny, talking about the consoles future and a little about the games to come.

Mark Cerny discusses the response to the PS4 Pro, which is selling at the rate of one PS4 Pro sold for every five PS4 consoles. He also says that roughly half of the PS4 Pro users are playing on a 4K television.

According to Mark Cerny, Gran Turismo Sport will be running at 4K60 on PS4 Pro. So going by what he is saying, that means Gran Turismo Sport will no longer be running at checkerboard 1800p. Or will it? It’s not actually that clear exactly what resolution the end game will be running at.

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Source: Video Gamer