Skull and Bones Looks Like a Mix of Black Flag, For Honor and The Crew

Skull and Bones’s 5-v-5 naval combat is the multiplayer that Black Flag deserved, but never got. For years I’ve been waiting for Ubisoft to return to the high seas, and while I’m not sure if the final product will be exactly what I’m hoping for, I’m excited to see more after my brief time at the helm.

After a quick tutorial re-acclimating us to the basic mechanics of piracy and taught me  a few new tricks as well. The core controls for maneuvering your vessel will be immediately familiar to anyone who spent time aboard ship in Black Flag: you use one button to hoist and trim your sails, which will allow you to harness more wind power and move faster through the sea, and another button will heave to and slow the ship down. Sail with the wind at your back for a speed boost, and try to avoid turning into the breeze if you’re looking to avoid a watery grave.

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Source: IGN