Life is Strange: Before The Storm is For the Fans

Life is Strange: Before the Storm does not feature any supernatural powers. There will be no rewinding in Chloe Price’s 16-year-old life, no alternate realities or time-bending. This is not Life is Strange 2, which DontNod is quietly working on in Paris.

Instead, Before the Storm is a prequel developed by Colorado-based Deck Nine Games, and it’s focused on Chloe Price and her relationship with Rachel Amber. And relationships, says Deck Nine, are what fans loved from the original.

It’s certainly what I loved from the original, and what I’ve seen from Before the Storm, it’s going to offer all the wonderful angst that comes from close teenage friendships, or indeed, romantic relationships. Chloe and Rachel’s relationship was ambiguous in the original Life is Strange, which opened up a lot of options for exploring what it might have looked like in the prequel.

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Source: IGN