Preview: Vampyr’s interwoven London is so fascinating you might forget the whole vampire thing

Vampyr Screenshots

In Vampyr, the easiest way to level up is by draining someone’s blood until they’re dead. It’s how you get the most XP. Then you go and rest in a safe location, absorbing the energy and growing your powers. This is such a natural and logical way to do ‘being a vampire in a game’ it’s surprising it hasn’t been widely used already. 

It’s not quite as simple as that, though. Shitty people have shitty blood, so you’ll get less from it, while nice people have delicious, premium gold top blood. This would appear to be a no brainer still, except that the citizens in the different districts of Vampyr’s semi-open, distinctly gothic London, are all connected. Killing a nice little old lady who makes medicine for a homeless young man will make the whole district worse off: her house will be looted, aforesaid young man would probably die, and the Spanish flu will spread further, making everyone’s blood worse. It could even change the economy.

On the other hand, you could kill her son, a violent murderer. His death would improve the district, but you’d get fewer experience points to boost your power. Essentially the choice is kill one good person to become more powerful but make everything else worse, or kill a lot of awful people and have to put in more effort. 

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Source: Video Gamer