The Best 27" Monitor for Gaming

Monitors have been going through somewhat of a renaissance lately thanks to advancements in GPU technology. Instead of the boring 24″ 60Hz LCDs that have been around since forever, we now have monitors with higher refresh rates, adaptive refresh rate technology, quantum dot panels, eye tracking, and of course, more choices when it comes to larger size panels too. Back when GPUs were somewhat weak, there was no point in releasing a 144Hz 2560×1440 panel, or a 4k panel, for that matter, since GPU technology wasn’t up to the task. Times have changed though, and now even midrange GPUs can drive a 2560×1440 panel at 60fps, so it’s time to reassess what is the best monitor for gaming.

In our humble opinion, the new sweet spot is at 27″ at 2560×1440 since it strikes the perfect balance between panel size, desktop real estate, price, and features. Sure you could go for a 4k monitor, but most GPUs can’t run games at that resolution with all settings maxed, and on the other end of the spectrum 1080p is just too low-res for our tastes, though it is certainly good for high frame rates. Like the “three bears and three beds” scenario, the sweet spot is right in the middle between the older 1080 technology and newer 4k panels, meaning a 27″ monitor. Throw in a 144Hz refresh rate and adaptive refresh rate technology, and you have yourself quite the sweet setup for high-res, fluid gaming.

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Source: IGN