News: Bungie wants you to tie up loose ends in Destiny before Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Screenshots

Bungie has promised to ‘honour veteran players’ of Destiny that hop on board Destiny 2, and in a recent blog post it’s revealed a little more of what that means, in an effort to make sure players have done everything they wanted in the original before Destiny 2 arrives.

It’s listed at least seven Destiny 1 (and yes, the blog uses the term Destiny 1) accomplishments that will carry over to Destiny 2 and give you an emblem to use. Some of them, however, are only available to players who were at specific events in the first couple of years of Destiny.

Bungie will be tracking the deeds for these rewards until August 1, at which point everything freezes for the data migration. So you don’t have long!

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Source: Video Gamer