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Get Even is a weird game, and you’ll probably never have played anything like it before. It’s a Russian nesting doll of stories and perspectives on a murder mystery that all bleed into one another, so you’re never quite sure — even at the end — what’s been happening. Which is probably the point.

What you know is this: you, as Cole Black, tried to save a girl who was kidnapped and strapped to a bomb, and arrived too late to achieve anything except the pair of you getting caught in the explosion. The next thing you know, you awake in the grounds of an abandoned (and aren’t they always?) asylum, and are chivvied around the various buildings by Red, a mysterious figure who only appears to give you instructions to ‘Proceed!’ on TV screens. Red has developed a headset called the Pandora device that uses visual stimuli to transport the wearer back into their memories, and with one of those strapped on Cole must try to reconstruct both the kidnapping and the events leading up to it.

That much you know. But not for certain. As Cole wanders through the asylum, now repurposed as Red’s Pandora facility, he finds old medical records hinting at forced amputations, fragments of voice recordings from an increasingly unstable doctor, and wooden dummies in odd poses that move when he isn’t looking (not to mention Red’s other ‘inmates’, who are on a sliding scale from ‘normal but unhappy’ to ‘incredibly violent’). As he wanders through his memories he finds them fragmented, incomplete, and unstable. Sometimes they’re not even his, veering between firefights at abandoned warehouses and sections of a family home, floating in darkness.

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