News: Telltale Games drops the first trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two

Imagem Minecraft Story Mode Season 2

The first trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two has arrived, in which we see protagonist Jesse setting off on a new quest, joined, says Telltale, by ‘a motley band of familiar faces, fortune hunters, sometime enemies and one deeply disobedient llama.’ Aptly titled Hero in Residence, the first episode releases on July 11. That’s next Tuesday, folks.

The first season comprised eight episodes, with the player taking control of a customisable character named Jesse who set out on a quest with their allies to save the world by defeating the Wither Storm. Patton Oswalt and Catherine Taber, who played the male and female versions of Jesse, respectively, are both returning for the second season. 

Like in every other Telltale game, the choices you made over the course of each episode determined the direction the story went in. Those decisions carry on over to the new game, but newcomers needn’t worry, it’s not necessary to have played the first season. This can be played as a standalone game.

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Source: Video Gamer