News: Indie dev Rami Ismail shared his mum’s Final Fantasy XV experience over 7 months, and it’s beautiful

Final Fantasy XV Screenshots

In an endearing and honestly beautiful parent/child story, Rami Ismail, one half of the indie studio Vlambeer, has shared his mother’s experience of playing Final Fantasy XV. Beginning in way back in January, Rami has detailed the adventures of his mum in short and succinct tweets over the last seven months.

I should warn you though, as sweet and heart-warming as this whole shared-experience is, there are plenty of Final Fantasy XV spoilers.

In what started out as a test of whether his mother would actually ‘get’ or even stick with the game, Rami humorously detailed her thoughts along with a running commentary of her playing the game, using the apt hashtag MomvsFFXV on Twitter.

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Source: Video Gamer