News: Two Worlds 2: Call of the Tenebrae DLC launches as a stand alone game

call of the tenebrae

Call of the Tenebrae, the first of two DLCs that were announced for Two Worlds II, launched recently, and the devs announced it’s available as a stand alone game, worth about 20 hours of play time.

Two Worlds II is a fantasy RPG that originally released in 2010. It looks like developer Reality Pump may have realised that since then a lot of kids, who didn’t buy Two Worlds II, have grown up and have expendable income of their own. 

If you kept the faith and held on to a copy of Two Worlds II, you can still get Call of the Tenebrae as DLC for about four quid cheaper: the stand alone version is £12.61 on the official store, vs. £8.45 for the DLC.

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Source: Video Gamer