News: The alternate E3 playthrough of Days Gone has snow, brutality.

days gone screens

At this year’s E3 Sony showed off a gameplay demo of its action-adventure survival horror, Days Gone.Taking place in the rain, at night, the demo showed the protagonist Deacon St. John shooting at a pack of wolves, getting knocked off his bike, engaging in some combat and planning an attack on an enemy outpost. 

There was another version of this demo shown behind closed-doors, showing off the game’s dynamic events, and Sony has now released this version for all and sundry to see for themselves.

This ‘alternate’ demo — narrated by the game’s creative director John Garvin, and the actor who voices Deacon Sam Witwer — takes the same route, at first, but in different snowy weather and during the day,to show off how the dynamic environment affects the ways threats can be approached.

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Source: Video Gamer