News: Dragon Quest 11 Prologue trailer shows the protagonist had a pretty difficult childhood

Dragon Quest XI Prologue

Square Enix Japan has shared a new prologue video, showing Dragon Quest XI’s protagonist as a child. Setting up the game’s story, we in the trailer we see the hero’s troubled start in life, with it  being comparable to the story of Moses from the bible.

The prologue trailer starts by following a ghostly creature wandering through a city on a sunny day, invisible to the eyes of the citizens. The see-through creature looks up to the castle and sees storm clouds gathering overhead, before the weather quickly changes to a downpour, which is pretty ominous to be honest. The scene shifts to a round table, where King Delkadal has gathered with other kings to discuss the birth of a child, who has a distinct birthmark on his hand.

Next we see a castle in flames, surrounded by hovering monsters, and a mother is making a run from the castle with her children. The baby is set adrift on the river, and is found the next morning by an old man who takes the child in. See, told you it was like Moses. So far it’s not confirmed if there will be a parting of the seas or talking fire bushels. 

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Source: Video Gamer